Meet Our Fleet

A model standing in front of a digital signage van in Manchester
An advertising vehicle parked in a city centre

The Digivan

Our fleet of vans (12 and rising fast) are built to suit a wide range of uses with audio, video and static image flexibility. Fast updates, versatile packages and near limitless applications, digital out of home has never been so exciting!

Content duration, 10 seconds
Static & motion display options
Side screens 4m x 2m
Back screen 2m x 2m
Jpg, png & mp4 supported
Audio broadcast options
Livestream functionality
Updates available while in use
Corner to corner LED displays


What areas do your vehicles cover?

We cover the whole of the UK and Europe.

How many vehicles do you have?

We have 12 vans and our fleet is constantly expanding, contact us if you have a need for more than one vehicle.

Can you play videos on the vans?

Yes we can, as long as it is legal in the area you are looking to use the vehicle in.

Do your vans have speakers?

Yes they do, two on either side.

An advertising vehicle parked in a city centre
Our event has gone incredibly well. We nearly tripled last year’s leads due to the additional awareness with the van across both days and on Axis. Thanks so much for all of your help. Look forward to working with you again in the future!
Marketing manager, ua92
A queue of people outside an exhibition looking at a vehicle with advertising on it
DigiVans UK enabled us to bring to life our reactive marketing campaign in record time. We contacted them on Monday and by Thursday, our messaging was being shown across Central London. They supported us with the route and requirements, the team were fantastic to work with!
HEAd of marketing, creative conceptions
Someone standing in front of an advert of their business
Thanks so much again for being so flexible and making the idea come to life on such short notice. We look forward to working with you again for sure.
Head of UK Government Relations, OXFAM
Two people in front of an advert displayed on a van with large LED panels
We cannot praise Digivans UK enough. Their friendly approach and professionalism made our biggest branch launch to date easy and seamless, their digital van was the highlight of the whole event.
j jackson pr
A digital signage vehicle parked on a city pavement
Digivans UK helped support us on our new seasonal launch at our pop-up event. The van was amazing and helped draw lots of interest into our event. Thank you Digivans UK!
AZAT mard
We can`t praise Digivans UK enough their support and effort with our music video promotion across Yorkshire.
Wakey wines
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